Friday, May 30, 2014

When Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beheld - A tribute to the one with the beautiful eyes...!

Shimmering like stars reflected in deep pools of black, those beautiful doe-eyes of yours allure.....
Inviting me to come immerse and lose myself in them,
All until our eyes meet and then I'm not so sure of myself anymore.
So I look away hoping you've not caught my furtive glance.
And I try to resist the power they exude only to realise that I don't stand a chance.

As I stumble backwards, as if hit by a bolt out of the blue.
I know it's all because of that one look from you.
For looking into your eyes I feel like I am looking right into the depths of this universe
As all at once I come up against such enchanting beauty that I cannot describe with mere words.

And for days on end, I've dreamed of them.
But today I express it in prose and rhyme.
And ask you, O' one with those magnificent eyes.....
Will you be mine?

For such soulful eyes that mesmerize
I have never before seen
If only I could tell what secrets they hold and the places they have been.
But maybe someday those very eyes will speak to me in a language of their own.
And reassure me that I'm not in this alone.