Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If I could make you see
How beautiful you are to me
Would you be mine, for all eternity?

If I could make you feel
And realize my love for you is real
Would that seal our deal?

If I could make you sing
Make you shout out in joy and give you wings
Would you fly over to me ?

If I can make you smile
I’d consider it worth my while
If I can make you blush
Just maybe a momentary rush
It’d be enough to make me gush
And be proud of myself and say..
Finally I’ve made my own day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Your LoveFool

I gave you my heart, my soul, my all
And stood by you, unflinching and tall
While you made up your mind, only to change it again
It never once occurred to me, that maybe for you, love was just a game.

To think that all I sought was your love in return
Only to find myself being left to rot and burn.
But I braced myself through every emotional squall
And when the time came, I willingly took the fall................
All the while not caring about how much I hurt inside,
Knowing only too well that I was just another muse to you,
That you’d soon leave my side.

Although everyone around me could clearly see
The truth of what you were doing to me
I turned a blind eye, I kept the faith going strong
Telling myself that this can never go wrong.

And finally when you turned your back on me,
Choosing to walk away (with someone else)...
Did you seriously believe that I would stay...
Keep waiting for you, forever and a day..?

Sure, I gave you all the time and space you needed,
And through it all, I kept my cool..
But that's not to say, I'm your lovefool !
That's not to say I'm your lovefool...
No, I am Not Your Lovefool ……………...!