Friday, July 1, 2011

Basking in the here and now!

You stopped and turned to look in my direction and I wasn’t even sure it was me you were looking at,
All of me wanted to believe that it was indeed me, that your eyes longed to behold, your fingers wanted to caress and arms wanted to hold,
But then again I couldn’t be too sure; I didn’t know what to believe in anymore.
For how else could I explain all that was happening to me?
Just when I thought it was all over, and that I’d come up against a closed door.

But then you had your own mysterious ways and you turned things around
For left just to me, I’d have crumbled to the ground
You lifted my spirits, my hopes, my very soul.
And once again there was sunshine in my lackluster world, once again I was whole.

As days go by, I can’t help but dread that this too shall pass someday
And that all good things may well come to an end
But I fight hard to focus and put those thoughts at bay
For it’s not just about a tomorrow that may never come but about savoring all I’ve got today.