Monday, June 8, 2015

The Night and the Star-crossed Lover

The night whispers to the blowing wind..
Beseeching it to pause for  just a bit...
And carry forth onward with it..
All hidden in those dark wisps of the late night hour...
The words of a star-crossed lover.

So deep, so true, yet barely is any utterance made as his lips part..
Of the words that he clutches so close to his heart..
For the message that he holds so tight, so dear
Are the very words that she refuses to hear.

He has just learnt to let it be...
Leaving it to the mysterious ways of time...
But just sitting in stark silence, his feelings are often mimed..
To whoever cares to see them in this great world so blind.

But the night still beseeches the wind
Unrelenting in its plea as she who won't listen..
Untiring in its mission as the time that rushes by...
The night once again bids the wind to carry her lover's words across to her.
For it knows he won't say it..
That he will now only hold them close to his heart.
His steadfast, beating heart...
A heart filled with an all-consuming, unflailing love for her and her alone.