Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Dreamer and the Doer; Will the Twain Ever Meet ?

You're the doer, I am the dreamer...
I keep dreaming away, while you keep doing away with those very dreams.
You tend towards practicality and I just hang onto intangible hope.
I conjure up a world with no barriers, where nothing is insurmountable, and anything is possible, if you will it to.
In your practical world there are barriers, those that tell you it's not all that straightforward or simple; barriers that stand in your way.
But do you really see those barriers, are they really there ?
Or are we both just the same, differing only in our levels of assumed optimism ?
And then comes the inevitable question, looming over our heads, as I dream on and you continue to do what you've gotta do........
Will the twain ever meet ?
Will time make it happen ?
Who can tell ?
After all I am the dreamer. I visualise time.
I drift between the present and the future that I have envisioned for us.
My hopes and dreams give me all the assurance I need.
My only worry is, can your sense of astute pragmatism afford you the same ?