Monday, July 25, 2016

Just a Buoy on the Waters

The rain beating down on these untiring waves, is both unmerciful and unrelenting
Call it a perpetual storm or just passing clouds unloading
But who can pass any judgment at all when the storm’s been brewing in another’s head?
For who after all can really resurrect the living dead?

Many a ship have come a-sailing, their masts aflutter like proud bastions of hope!
All sailing at first with an air of gallant purpose, all seemingly poised to mark a never-hence-and-never-before!
But who can reason when those very ships have made haste retreat in the face of invisible tempests?
Who can really make peace in the aftermath of empty conquests..?

Nay, point not a finger and look not my way,
I am just a buoy upon those turbulent waters, dancin’ to the waters' sway
Just a solitary buoy on the waters running wide and deep…
Mine is not to ponder why, mine is but to stay anchored while they their deep dark secrets keep.