Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can't Keep You Away From Me

I can't seem to get you outta my head..
From the time I open my eyes, till the time I get back to bed,
I keep thinking of you all through the day
For even the most disparate things all connect back to you, someway.

As sleep eludes me, fear engulfs me
And I tell myself this can't be true....
That despite myself, I'm falling for you.

I made a promise (to myself), a solemn one
That I wouldn't court love, till kingdom come
I denied myself the very thought and God knows I've tried so hard,
But what good is one's resolve, when alas, I've played out all my cards?

The truth is that we won't admit it, we both try to hide
That which we mutually feel for one another, deep down inside
And while we shy away from love like it's wrong
Each day that passes us by, makes it grow strong.

Then again, like me, you have your reasons
And you prefer to deny it too,
But beleive you me, if it's meant to be
Even YOU can't keep you away from me.